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Our Services – Australia Study

Our services

Enjoy your stay in Australia and we will take care of the rest.

Work and travel program in Australia

  • Work and travel program is your chance to make your Australian dream come true. We realize that such a trip is a massive life change so we will do our best to make it as easy as possible. We will be glad to tell you all about this program and all the opportunities it carries. We will address all your doubts. We will advise which school and course to choose to match your needs and ambitions. We will take into account your budget and match it with the best solution. We will guide you through the school’s recruitment process. We will help you fill in all the documents, confirm your English skill level, pay your fees or sign the contract with a chosen school. With us by your side you can focus on what is really important – planning your great adventure in Australia.

Visa to Australia

  • Once you receive the contract from a chosen school we can start to run your visa application process in your name. We realize that visa and immigration related vocabulary may seem complicated – that is why we join in. Step by step we will explain to you how to gather and fill in all the necessary documentation and file in your application. You will be sure that your application will not be rejected due to some errors in your forms or missing attachments. You can ask as any question you may have and we will be happy to answer them all.

Pick up and accomodation

  • When you arrive at the airport there will be a driver waiting for you to take you to your temporary accommodation. You can be sure that your first moments down under will be stress-free. We will help you settle in and get ready to explore the land of kangaroos. All you need to do is embrace every moment.

Life and work in Australia – practical advice

  • Once you shake off your jet lag and adapt to climate change visit our office (if you’re in Sydney). We would love to meet you in person and fill you in about life in Australia. You can count on our advice on local culture, everyday life and travel within Australian continent. You will also receive a practical guide for students. We will help you open a bank account and register your Tax File Number. Moreover we can assist in one more crucial aspect – finding a job. We will polish your resume and present you with numerous job offers and contacts to allied employers. We will let you know what to avoid during an interview and what is appreciated by employers. With us by your side you will improve your confidence to get a job that will support you during your stay.

Stay in Australia

  • Throughout your entire stay in Australia we will look after you through our Polish office in Sydney. Don’t hesitate to abuse us. Remember: there are no stupid questions and your every need matters to us. We stay in touch with all of our clients including the ones who already left Australia. We are proud of our international network that grows every year by connecting new people who make their Australian dream come true.

Migrating to Australia

  • Maybe you decide to stay in Australia for good? Here you can also count on our help. We cooperate with numerous professional agents and immigration lawyers who can guide you through that lengthy process. The will help you prepare for it and gather all the necessary documentation. With their help you may get a permanent residency and make your dream about living in Australia a reality.

Would you like to know more?

Please drop us a line.