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INSURANCE – Australia Study

Health Cover

OSHC or Overseas Visitor Health Cover is a medical insurance you need to purchase when applying for an Australian student visa.

Insurance is mandatory. It ensures that in case of emergency you will receive required medical attention. Try and choose doctors allied with insurance companies so the cost of visit is entirely or partially covered by the insurance as long as you can present a valid insurance card. There’s no need to fill in any refund forms unless you use services of a practitioner not listed with your insurance provider. In that case you pay the full cost of visit and apply for a refund later.

Students insurance covers:

  • General Practitioner services – 100% refund based on government tariff (if the GP charges over that tariff you will need to cover the difference).
  • Specialist services, XRay, blood test – 85% refund based on government tariff (to receive a refund you need to present a referral from a GP).
  • Admission to a public hospital – 100% refund based on government tariff (includes your stay in the hospital, ambulance assistance in case of an accident, post- accident or post-operation treatment that doesn’t require hospitalization).
  • Admission to a private hospital – 100% refund if the hospital is allied with the insurance company (if not than you need to cover the difference between government tariff and hospital’s bill).
  • Ambulance – 100% refund
  • Prescribed medication – up to $50 for a prescribed medication listed on Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) after covering PBS fee ($300 per person per annum).

Medical services not covered by students insurance:

  • infertility treatments,
  • dentist and physiotherapy (unless it is a part of hospital treatment),
  • ophthalmologist
  • plastic surgery and laser vision correction,
  • medical services outside Australia even during duration of student visa i.e. during holiday in Asia or New Zealand (we recommend a separate travel insurance).

For our customers:

Befor arriving in Australia you will receive an insurance certificate with commencement and expiry dates. After arrival please visit our office to pick up your OSHC card – a proof of insurance you need to provide when using medical services. Lack of card does not mean lack of insurance but if you lose it or fail to receive it please contact us or the insurance company.

Would you like to know more?

Please drop us a line.