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History – Australia Study

Company History

Services is an Australian education agency established in 2006.

My name is Wojtek Wawrzyński. I came to Australia 16 years ago on a student visa, having just completed my Master’s degree in University of Economics in Poznan. I was only meant to come here for a mere moment to improve my English, meet some people from all over the world and experience a true adventure. And maybe to cheer for athletes participating in Summer Olympics in Sydney. But in turn Australia just sucked me in and my stay got significantly prolonged…

After the first year I started to work as an international students’ coordinator. After that I got a job in a students’ agency operating in Sydney. After few years I’ve received Australian citizenship and gain a pretty good expertise in the reality of life “down under”. I decided to put my enthusiasm, knowledge and experience to good use. In 2006 I established “Australia Study” to help people from all around the globe to make their dream of Australia come true.

Initially we acted under patronage of other firms and only helped to organize trips to Australia. In time as we developed our range of services we set up new departments specializing in tourism, IT and HR.

Our Australia Study Team has also created their own program for online English courses.

Currently our company’s main focus is organization of educational travel on student visa, tourist visa and Work and Holiday visa.
Our headquarters is located in Sydney but we have branches in Poland (Gdansk), Indonesia (Bandung) and UK (London). During 10 years of operations we managed to help over 6 000 people in starting their Australian adventure.

We are boasting an extensive experience in Australian education system and we are happy to share it with anyone willing to travel to Australia for studies and work. We are aware that such a trip is a once-in-a-lifetime decision therefore we want to make sure that it suits your needs, expectations, goals and financial capacity. We do our best to make sure that your trip is an amazing adventure as well as an opportunity for educational and professional growth. I BELIEVE THAT STUDYING AND WORKING IN AUSTRALIA CAN OPEN UP A WORLD OF UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES!