Student visa for couples

You can come to Australia with your partner and only one of you will need to study.

If you need any more information on couples travel please contact us. We will answer any questions you may have.


Our adventure in Australia was a bit of studying and a bit of work. We took a “couples travel” option that saved us quite a bit of money. Only one person pays the school fees and both can work. I took the opportunity to develop in my area and decided on a master’s degree while Marek could go for a full time job. In Poland I got my bachelor degree and I’ve always dreamed of studying overseas. Plus I can still work 4 hours per day and add on to our budget. Marek is focused entirely on work. My studies are intense, my job is not – it’s a small café in a peaceful neighborhood, not too busy. The coffee is great though. Marek works on a construction site while still looking for a job in his profession. 50 degrees Celcius in shade for a young Polish guy who is not even used to 30 degrees! “Construction pays highest wages! I can’t do it? Watch me!”. Truth to be told there is a massive difference between my $18/hour and his $26/hour. I just need to keep my hardworking knight alive and hydrated. Soon we will make up for all of our hard work. We have a trip along the coast line planned and we will go for surfing lessons. This prospect is keeping Marek alive. After I’m done studying we plan to stay 2 more years and work full-time to gain experience and make up for all the money we spend on my school fees.